picnic eclexys-(HUGE)

Presenting folkhead

AKA Eclexys

Jennifer Elcano [el KAHN oh], Joe Frascella [fra SHELL uh], and Tomm Sibert [SIGH bert] make up the new trio “Eclexys,” named after the band’s diverse musical offerings. Jennifer and Tomm have been writing and performing music together for a long time. After their 80’s cover band called “Full House” broke up, they reformed as the trio “Bugleweed” (with Janet Saadian, now Gerber-Salins), performing their award-winning original tunes in three-part harmony with tight acoustic instrumentation. After a successful run in the DC-area folk music circuit, Bugleweed succumbed to members’ shifting life priorities, and Tomm and Jennifer once again found a new musical home with “Random Act,” an 8-member acoustic group offering a lavish array of instruments and arrangements that turned ordinary songs into works of art. Today, along with Eclexys, Jennifer and Tomm sing as the duo “folkhead,” sometimes with their teenage son on drums, enjoying the intimacy of smaller venues and songwriting circles.

Now, with Eclexys, they have synthesized the best parts of this eclectic musical history to assemble a unique and entertaining show that appeals to every age and musical preference. Eclexys has won over audiences at multiple community venues such as the Annual Bishop Ireton Cardinal 5k Run (2009-2010), the Franconia Museum History Day (2009), and several private parties and local fundraisers (2009-2011). Please explore www.folkhead.org for more information, or call 703-491-8489.