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The WILL Power Party is our signature fundraising event of the year
and is the second largest revenue source for WILL

The WILL Power Party is a special upscale cocktail reception to highlight and celebrate WILL positively impacting the lives of the DC youth from underserved/under-resourced neighborhoods.

The Annual WILL Power Party:

  • Brings WILL friends together to celebrate our successes
  • Continues to raise awareness about WILL
  • Introduces WILL to new friends
  • Raises funds so we can increase the number of youth we impact
  • Is a tremendous networking opportunity for DC professionals gathered with the common goal of investing in WILL and the future of DC youth
  •  Honors WILL’s Partner(s) of the Year


“I had a great time at the WILL Power Party chatting with some WILL grads. Each one explained to me how much WILL transformed their understanding of their own future and their role in it, which I found to be really amazing. You run a great program that really helps kids in need and I am delighted to support WILL.”Illia